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The professionals at Pack and will come to your home and pack your items quickly and in a professional manner.

Pack and is a company who will provide you a FREE, Flat Rate Quote for any kind of moving services. Unlike most moving companies, we let you know what you will pay before the move and without any hidden costs or extra charges. We do not charge by the hour, we charge only by the items to be packed or wrapped.

Pack and is a full packing service company, we also provide crating and palletizing services for residential and commercial.

Let Pack and load your rental truck or Pods container in a professional manner. This will ensure the safety of your belongings.
Are you receiving your Pods or international container to your new location? Let us assist you with the unloading and reassembling of your furniture with-out the hassle of finding friends and family to assist you. 

Our packing and loading company staff consists of professionals of the moving industry. Don’t get stuck with day workers (Labor Ready) who have no knowledge of the moving industry and are getting paid by the hour. You will be taking advantage of while they waste your time and money.

Control your move with our services. Don’t use another moving company and let them be in control. Be smart BEFORE you move, use our information to learn about the moving company’s industry.

Thank You for Visiting Pack and Load Service. Call now to get a flat rate quote or E-mail us with all your details.

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